Standard Cow Brush

Standard Cow Brush

Brand Zhenda
Type Cow Brush
Application Cow Body Cleaning and Massage
Manufacturer Anhui Zhenda Brush Industry Co., Ltd.
Place of Origin Yuantan, Anhui
Material PP/Nylon/Customized
Color Blue/Customized
Quality Test Qualifed
Product Description
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  • About Standard Cow Brush

  • Studies have shown that animals can also feel the presence of stress, and that various external stimuli can have beneficial or harmful effects on them. For farm owners, these research results have very important significance. Most farmers are able to provide good quality feed and keep the barns clean, which are the basic conditions for the normal growth of livestock. In order to increase the production of livestock more effectively, exerting a positive influence on them is a very necessary link in the breeding process.

    Should I buy cow body brushes for my cows?
    In the case of a dairy farm, for example,cows love to find places to scratch when they are not eating. The standard cow body brushes supplied by Zhenda Brush Industry will become the best tool for you to please cows. We've applied several thoughtful design philosophies to this product to go beyond the scratcher. If you have been struggling with how to increase the production of your cows, welcome to try this latest standard cow body brush.

    Product Features
    1. Steel brackets, internal centralized wiring, safety first. When designing this product, we fully considered the refinement of the structure, and the brush body can be firmly fixed on the wall through a high-strength bracket. Moreover, the main part of the wire is wrapped inside the bracket, so there will be no accidents.

  • 2. Unique music playback function. A happy mood can have a positive impact on the endocrine of cows and promote milk production. Scientists have experimentally proven that soft music can bring pleasure to cows. The standard cow body brush has a music player integrated inside, which supports customized music.

  • 3. The brush body can swing freely in different directions. The unique design we use at the junction of the bracket and the brush body gives the brush body better flexibility. By swinging in different directions, the product can reach more parts of the cow such as the back and tail, making the animal more comfortable,

  • 4. The direction of brush rotation will automatically switch to the opposite direction every time it is restarted. This design makes the wear of the brush filament more even and prevents the brush filament from falling to one side, increasing the service life of the brush.

  • 5. The motor will automatically stop after running for a period of time to avoid one cow occupying the brush for a long time. Ideally, one device can be used by about 50 cows.

  • Healthy and happy cows produce more milk. Annoying pests and dirt on cows can be eliminated after you get this standard cow brush for your farm. If you still have questions about the product or have an item that needs to be customized, please contact our business manager for inquiry and negotiation.

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