Classic Cow Brush(Double Head)

Classic Cow Brush(Double Head)

Brand Zhenda
Type Cow Brush
Application Cow Body Cleaning And Massage
Manufacturer Anhui Zhenda Brush Industry Co., Ltd.
Place of Origin Yuantan, Anhui
Material  PP/Nylon/Customization
Color Yellow/Blue/Mixed/Customized
Quality Test Qualifed
Product Description

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About Classic Cow Brush(Double Head)

Scratching is part of the nature of livestock such as dairy cows, and they enjoy scratching as much as a good quality feed. Of course, the animals themselves may not be aware of the benefits of doing so, they are just driven by instinct.
The benefits of safe and effective scratching for livestock are numerous, such as a degree of self-cleaning. Cows will get dirty because of shed fur and dirt, as well as pests. These are detrimental to the health of the cows and need to be removed in time. In addition, rubbing the skin can improve blood circulation and increase appetite. Finally, animals can also get bored and frustrated, and scratching is a good entertainment for them. It can be said that providing cows with good scratching tools is one of the important links for them to thrive.

Zhenda brush industry is a professional cow body brush manufacturer

If you are still looking for the best cow scratching tool, then you must not miss this double brush cow body brush produced by Zhenda Brush Industry. This product adds an additional brush head on the basis of the original classic cow body brush, which can double the cleaning efficiency and happiness of cows. The angle of the brush head has been carefully designed so that it can act on the back, head, sides of the body and other positions of the cow at the same time, thereby greatly increasing the efficiency of the cow's self-cleaning and promoting its blood circulation. Cows that are in a happy mood have a better appetite and their production will increase. Recommend anyone with livestock such as dairy cows to try our dual head cow body brush.
Product Usage

Product Features

1. In order to provide better security, the access voltage of the product is DC 48V. This classic double head cow brush contains a voltage converter, which can convert 100V-240V AC to 48V DC, so it can be used directly in any country and region in the world.

2. Choose a brushless motor with a longer service life and less heat generation. Traditional brushed motors, although less expensive, may have some issues that affect performance after prolonged use. Therefore, we have upgraded the series of power cattle body brushes in an all-round way, and uniformly use brushless motors.

3. The height of the brush body can be adjusted freely to suit the height of cows of different ages. If you have smaller cows on your farm, you can lower their height first. As the cows mature you then raise the brush position to give them a better experience.

4. Intelligent start and stop motor, energy saving and environmental protection. There is no need to arrange for a special person to operate the machine. This double-headed version cow body brush will automatically turn on the power system after the cow touches the brush body, and automatically shut down after a period of time when the cow does not use it. Because the product includes a sensor switch, it saves you a lot of electricity costs.

5. The flexible swing range is combined with the double brush head configuration, which doubles the cleaning efficiency. Compared with the classic cow body brushes, this product can serve more cows in the same time and save more space.

Zhenda brush industry not only sells products, but also services. Our ultimate goal is to provide a convenient one-stop service for all users. If you have any special requirements on the material, size, design, etc. of the product, please contact and negotiate with our business manager. We will provide you with advice from the most professional point of view. Zhenda brush industry with decades of experience is worthy of your trust.

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