Latitudinal Direction Cow Brush

Latitudinal Direction Cow Brush

Brand Zhenda
Type Cow Brush Post
Application Cow Cleaning And Scratching
Manufacturer Anhui Zhenda Brush Industry Co., Ltd.
Place of Origin Yuantan, Anhui
Material PP/Nylon
Color Yellow/Blue/Red/Customized
Brush Size 450mm(OD)*600mm(L)
Quality Test Qualifed
Product Description

About Latitudinal Direction Cow Brush

A few years ago, a group of university researchers published a report. The article states that cows are as eager to scratch as much as fresh feed, and they are even willing to cross barriers to reach the brush. A human perspective may explain part of this phenomenon - itching in hard-to-reach places causes immediate discomfort, and if the itching isn't relieved, one can easily become depressed.
The situation is similar for dairy cows. Cows grazing in the field love to roll in the bushes, taking pleasure in scratching their fur on rough surfaces. You can imagine what it's like for cows locked in a barn - surrounded by bare walls and with little room for movement. They can only rub their fur against the wall or iron bars, which is very inconvenient. If cows are in this depressed mood for a long time, their milk production will drop.

The function of the Latitudinal Direction Cow Brush
Things to consider in order to give cows a comfortable Cow Scratcher include:
· Using electricity to drive machines is more efficient, but at the same time needs to ensure the safety of the entire system.
· Machines should operate autonomously on demand without human intervention.
· There are economic benefits, low cost and high return.
· Easy to install and long service life.
· Ability to reach places that cows cannot.
This Latitudinal Direction Cow Brush is the flagship product in Zhenda brush industry's cow brush series, which can meet all the needs listed above. It recommended that every farmer who raises dairy cows and other large livestock add this equipment to his barn, and you will get many benefits that you have never seen before.

Product Features

1. The system is powered by 48V DC motor, which improves the safety. Our product comes with a wide-band voltage converter, which can convert the voltage from 100-240V AC to 48V DC needed to drive the motor. This means that dairy farms in any country can use the devices.
2. The switch of the product has a sensing function, so there is no need to assign personnel to operate the machine. The machine starts when it senses that the cow is touching the brush. After the cows are left for a period of time, the machine will automatically shut down.
3. The cows will feel relaxed and happy, so that they can grow healthily and increase their production. Stress, dirt, bugs, etc. are negative factors that affect the growth and production of dairy cows. This product can solve these three problems at once, and the production of dairy cows will also be improved accordingly.
4. The suspension structure made of aluminum alloy is greatly reduced in weight compared with the steel bracket. The simple structure makes it easier for users to complete the installation.
5. After choosing a suitable height and completing the installation, cows can easily clean and massage their head, back, tail, etc. under the brush.

We are a brush manufacturing factory with decades of experience, and we are very professional in both production and packaging. The goal of Zhenda brush industry is to give back to customers with lower prices and better quality. If you need to purchase or wholesale brush products in bulk, welcome to contact our business manager to get the latest quotation.

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