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Thanks to the diligent efforts of our factory staff, the wafer brush order from our Malaysian client has been successfully produced and delivered. Before placing the order, they specified their requirements for the product's specifications and materials. As experts in the brush manufacturing industry, we have both the experience and the capability to meet our clients' customization needs. The client was satisfied with the samples we provided and subsequently placed a bulk production order.

We adhere to high production standards for any order to meet our clients' expectations regarding product quality. Being a source factory, we possess a complete production line. We also produce the raw materials, including the bristles, in-house, allowing us to meet various sweeping needs for different surfaces with different bristle materials. In terms of pricing, our clients can enjoy the most favorable prices since we supply our products directly from the factory.

Wafer Brush Production

As experts in the brush-making industry, our product line is not limited to brush rings. No matter what type of brush you need, we can provide a comprehensive solution. You are welcome to contact us at any time with your ideas, and our product specialists will help you realize them.

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