Multifunctional Water Fed Solar Panel Cleaning Brush

Multifunctional Water Fed Solar Panel Cleaning Brush

Brand Zhenda
Type Solar Panel Brush
Application Solar Panel Cleaning/Window Cleaning
Manufacturer Anhui Zhenda Brush Industry Co., Ltd.
Place of Origin Yuantan, Anhui
MOQ 10(Pcs)
Material PBT/Custom
Rod Length 3.5m/5.5m/7.5m
Quality Test Qualifed
Product Description

Product Video

About Multifunctional Water Fed Solar Panel Cleaning Brush

This Water Fed Solar Panel Cleaning Brush brush is a classic product in Zhenda Brush's solar panel cleaning series. The product itself does not contain a motor, so users need to clean the panel manually. This is the ideal solar panel cleaning tool for the individual users, especially for cleaning small area solar panels and windows. A lot of people are looking for brushes that are lightweight and have a telescoping pole and hose, it is a potential market. Zhenda Brush Industry's high quality products and competitive wholesale prices will provide you with great advantages in creating profits.

We are proud to announce that the structural design and manufacturing process of this Water Fed Brush product are mature enough, so we can continuously provide you with Water Fed Solar Panel Brush products with stable quality. It is highly recommended to order more quantity to enjoy the favorable price.

Water Fed Solar Cleaning Brush Image

Product advantages:
1. The bristles are soft and tenacity - we have applied the high-quality bristles independently developed and produced by our company in this product. The bristles are soft enough so they won't damage sensitive panel surfaces, yet tenacity enough to effectively remove stubborn stains and debris that cling to surfaces. And not easy to bend, longer service life.

2. Telescoping poles - Small area solar panels used to power individuals and homes are often mounted at high locations such as rooftops. It is difficult for conventional cleaning tools to reach this height. The water fed brush we produce is equipped with a telescoping pole, and the regular size can be extended up to 10.8 meters. You can also order longer size extension rods if you want. The grip is wrapped in soft EVA material, which is non-slip and comfortable.

3. Integrated water supply system - the water pipe is hidden inside the telescoping rod, which can be directly connected to the faucet, and the water flow is evenly distributed to the brush head through four auxiliary pipes to achieve better cleaning effect. Users can freely control the water flow through the switch.

The MOQ of this product is 10 Pcs, if you have any questions about this product or want to order, please contact us by email or fill in the form.

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